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'Jurassic Coast'


Jurassic Coast Project Flags

In December 2001 the 'Jurassic Coast' of East Devon and West Dorset was awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO, and became recognised as a place of outstanding universal value. It is England's first natural World Heritage site.

In 2005 I was asked by Alan Stone of Devon County Council to work on a series of 6 banners to be displayed throughout Exmouth Town Centre and at Orcombe Point.

These flags serve to illustrate Exmouth's status as a 'gateway' town and to some extent to direct and lead people towards the coast. Also of course to provide public artworks for both residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

Flags in Exmouth

The theme, of course, was the Jurassic Coast. The banners were divided into three groups. Two banners depict the Triassic era, two the Jurassic era and two the Cretaceous era.

I worked with pupils from Exmouth Community College, who worked hard to create drawings in the early stages and with whom I made the banners during a two week residency at the college. Thanks go to Vauneen Doyle, Head of Art, for the smooth running of the project.

The banners are diplayed permanently in Exmouth, although they are often taken down to prevent damage during the winter storms.

Ammonite detail fron Jurassic Coast BannerReptile fossil from detail fron Jurassic Coast BannerFossil detail fron Jurassic Coast Banner